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About VMF 

Missions Statement

Virginians for Medical Freedom (VMF) is a non­partisan organization created to fight for freedom of medical choice and to stand against mandatory medical procedures, while upholding the innate human right established by our Founding Fathers “that a human being has a natural right to freedom of thought, conscience and religious belief and must not be coerced or punished for exercising it.”


The primary mission of VMF is to provide advocacy on behalf of all Virginians, working closely with decision makers and lawmakers, being vigilant and preventing laws that threaten to impede any Virginians’ innate human right to freedom of medical choice.



Virginian for Medical Freedom activities to meet Mission include:


  • Ongoing discussions with community leaders and government representatives to ensure medical freedom and choice.

  • Creation and distribution of educational materials.

  • Ongoing review of current medical/scientific literature that effect legislative processes or laws.

  • Education of Virginians on the above.

  • Providing information and ongoing communication through social media.

  • Ongoing advocacy and activism. 

About Our Site 

On this site you will find information on medical freedom, parental rights, vaccinations, health topics, relevant political or law information and Calls-to-Action.


A Call-to-Action (C2A) is a call to all people, to take immediate action on a topic of importance. Calls-to-Action are extremely important and we urge you to not only check here often for information, but to join our Facebook group for all up-to-date information.

Please note that if you are on a mobile device  website may appear distorted. We apologize for this inconvenience and are working to improve our mobile content. 


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