Patient/Doctor Relationship

Do you value the relationship you have with your personal doctor?

Many people are in search for the perfect doctor.  A doctor that will not only listen to their concerns, but will offer personalized, sound advice on how to stay healthy.  

Medical concerns vary from person to person and are anything but a one-size-fits-all diagnosis.  

Unfortunately, the United State's government doesn't agree.  In California, legislation was recently passed to eliminate the doctor's ability to write medical exemptions to vaccinations for children with valid health reasons to opt out of being vaccinated.  Many of these children have been seriously injured by vaccines --- some injuries include anaphylaxis. The bill that was passed, SB 276,  removed doctors from the medical exemptions process and gave the  government the false authority to review and grant medical exemptions from vaccinations based on their own criteria.  This criteria does not take into account the contraindications listed on the  Centers of Disease Control's (CDC) website! 

In Florida, there is a proposed bill (S.B. 46) that is attempting to make it a second-degree misdemeanor to decline newborn eye dilation.  While preventive medical procedures could be beneficial, they should not be law. The government is once again overstepping in the role of medicine and in the role of parenting.