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Do You Know What's in a Vaccine? 

You'd be surprised to find out that many toxic ingredients are in vaccines. 

Childhood Vaccine Schedule 

Do you know how many doses of vaccines children in the U.S. receive & why the childhood vaccine schedule exploded? 

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

In the U.S. more than 23,000 healthy babies die before they turn one year old. Healthy babies should not be dying in such high numbers. 

How Aluminum Adjuvants in Vaccines can Cause Autism 

ICAN looked into the possible role aluminum adjuvants play in the development of autism and created a white paper explaining how this devastating disorder may be triggered by vaccines.

Aborted Baby DNA in Vaccines

A very informative video that speaks about vaccines from a Christian perspective. Preached by Afshin Yaghtin, New Covenant Baptist. 


No Shots, No School, Not True! 

In Virginia there are religious and medical exemptions to vaccinations.

In the state of Virginia, you do not need an organized religion to have a bonafide religious belief. 

Stethoscope on the Cardiogram

Unavoidably Unsafe ingredients

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Heavy Metal Toxicity

Many people suffer from heavy metal toxicity.  Do you know the symptoms to look out for? 

Chart & Stethoscope

Is the government limiting doctor involvement?

Medical mandates are removing the patient/doctor relationship and replacing the role of personal doctor with government officials.