When Babies Die After Vaccinations

In an article released today by The Vaccine Reaction, a physician recounts the tragic death of an otherwise healthy four-month-old baby, just hours after his vaccinations. The physician, Cammy Benton, M.D., goes on to tell the readers how her colleagues, even those concerned about vaccinations, choose to basically look the other way and use the excuse that "correlation doesn't equal causation." One thing that Dr. Benton stated in this article that has stood with me is:

If we care about protecting the "greater good" then why is it so politically incorrect to care about the individual casualties of what is presumed to be a "good" medical intervention? If we are so smart and have so much science behind our decisions, why would we not look at those who die after vaccinations to find commonalities for the purpose of finding ways to prevent a vaccine-related death or injury?

That is a sound question. If vaccinations are so great and have so much science to back it up, then why does the medical community as a whole become combative and defensive when parents of children who have died following routine vaccinations question whether or not the vaccines could have been the cause of their children's death? Why are states against coroners performing simple toxicology reports to look for vaccine ingredients that may have been a direct cause or contributor to the child's death? Late last year, I attended a book signing event at The National Press Club where Dr. Paul Offit, who is considered one of the top experts in vaccinations, was asked a question about vaccination death and he went on a tangent and stated "let's say that there were studies done showing that clearly and consistently that children at autopsies had levels of aluminum in their brain, levels of mercury in their brain that were clearly greater dosages and were consistent and reproducible then that's proof, but we don't. We have a couple of crappy studies..."

I couldn't help but yell "BUT THEY DON'T CHECK FOR THAT WHEN A BABY DIES!"

The moderator turned and looked at Offit and blatantly asked "Do they check for that when a baby dies?" Offit completely ignored the question and started to address an entirely different topic. WHY? Why do those who are supposed to have the best interest of children at heart really don't want to know what actually is best for children? Why don't they actually want to know what is causing them harm? We must ask ourselves "if the health of children is not their motivator, than what is?"

Full Article by The Vaccine Reaction

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