Fetal Cells in Food?!

Updated: Dec 23, 2018

It’s no secret that vaccines need DNA to bind to. Vaccine manufacturers clearly list ingredients including MCR-5 and WI-38. Those ingredients are actually human cells (from aborted fetuses) that are used in several vaccines. There are several more fetal cell lines that are used as well.

If that isn’t upsetting enough, the message I have for you today is disturbing. Were you aware that human fetal cells are being used in conjunction to food? I wish that were a sick joke, but it’s a very bothersome reality that consumers need to be aware of. It is not clear whether these cells, known as HEK 293 is only used to test responses to flavors used in foods or if there are DNA fragments in the food. Either way, if you are against abortion or animal testing, you need to be aware of this.

The biotechnology company called Senomyx is the one that uses the human cell line HEK293. HEK stands for human embryonic kidney cells, in case you were wondering. Senomyx currently holds 13 patents on their findings and are contracted with seven big-name food companies. (1)

What this company does is they take electively aborted fetal cells, clone them and they combine these cells with flavors to see how many of those cells react to the substance they combined them with. A study was done this way to find out which sweeteners would have a reaction to human cells compared to rat cells and chimera cells. (2)

Senomyx creates flavor enhancers by using these aborted fetal cells. Since several companies are contracted with Senomyx they have been using these synthetic flavor enhancers in their products. Pepsi started using it back in 2013!

If you’re asking yourself what these synthetic flavor enhancers are, you’re not alone. Senomyx won’t exactly give a straight answer on whether their synthetic flavor enhancers contain human cells or not. (3)

They claim their product is healthier than using MSG in foods. This flavor enhancer is used world wide in products including tea, coffee, non-alcoholic drinks, dairy products, cereals, sauces, soups, and even baked goods. The scary thing is this isn’t specifically labeled or required to be labeled in the ingredients as anything more than “natural flavors.” Their website also tells us though it is genetically modification, it still meets the requirements to be considered Kosher and Halal. (4)

At least one synthetic sweetener, known as Sweetmyx FS22, is classified as GRAS - generally recognized as safe by the US FEMA. (5) A question I had was why was this determined GRAS by FEMA and not the FDA. FEMA website states the following: “The FEMA Expert Panel only evaluates substances for GRAS status that are used to formulate flavors to be added to human foods. The Expert Panel does not evaluate food ingredients with functions other than flavoring nor does it evaluate flavorings for use in products other than human food...” (6)

So just what companies use this product? I’d be lying if I said only a few. PepsiCo and Ajinomoto Partnered with Senomyx. If you aren’t familiar, Ajinomoto are the makers of meat glue, known as transglutaminase. (7) Some of the companies that have used these flavor enhancers are Pepsi, Nestlé, Kraft, Gatorade, Cadbury, Bubblicious, Dentyne and Trident. There is a more comprehensive and up to date list on https://cogforlife.org/wp-content/uploads/fetalproductsall.pdf. Some of these companies such as Campbell’s, Kraft and Pepsico have either ended their contract or stopped using fetal cells in their flavor creation.

My hope is that from this article, you will dig further for the truth about what is in our food so you can be armed with information to make healthy decisions for yourself and your family.

Stay healthy and be well

~ Audrey Thomas

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