I was violated. A story of deceit in the medical freedom movement.

By Rana HK

This is not about a brave parent who has a vaccine injured child. Or the dangers of adjuvants. Or how natural immunity is important for real balanced health. Or even of the pharmaceutical profit at the expense of childrens lives. Those things are all real. But this is not that article or story. This is a new story. This story is about a sinister side of being a freedom fighter. 

If you were to look up violate online, it is defined as:




past tense: violated; past participle: violated

  1. break or fail to comply with (a rule or formal agreement)."they violated the terms of a ceasefire

  2. "fail to respect (someone’s peace, privacy or rights)

  3. treat (something sacred) with irreverence or disrespect 

Let me go back...

I was at VIE (the Vaccine Injury Event) recently, both the day and evening event. It was a wonderful experience in spite of me feeling unwell. I was honored to attend. It was a high (and low). To be with like-minded folks felt like a big warm hug. To hear the speakers was inspiring. To see the stories of the children, heartbreaking. I cried. I hugged friends. I made new friends. 

One person I met towards the end of the evening was a gentleman. He told me and a friend that he wanted to start an organization similar to NVIC in Canada and asked what were the best ways to mobilize. We were among collaborators and supporters, or so we thought. We had no reason to suspect anything sinister was underfoot. This was the place to connect with new people and share stories and ideas after all. To help others, or receive it. So we gladly shared our opinions.

Fast forward to two days ago...

I received an email from CBC News: Marketplace, a National program in Canada. 

The journalist let me know that someone I had met at the VIE evening event was also a journalist. 


Shock, horror, disbelief, betrayal... that’s the start of it. 

That particular someone that I thought was a fellow activist had lied to me. Ok, someone lied. That happens. People lie all the time. But this felt like a new low I’ve never heard of before. 

This was a wolf in sheep’s clothing with the sole purpose to obtain information for a broadcast that I now know will air soon. 

This person that I met I can now surmise recorded our conversation. He took my picture without my knowledge or consent. He inadvertently obtained my full name. The program is considering using them, along with my comments. 

For my very private life to be made public, without my consent, is an infringement on my own personal freedom. 

I sent my response in writing letting them know they do not have my permission to use my photo, name or comments. I was told they could not make any promises.


For this movement... I run and admin a FB group that stands for informed consent and medical freedom. I attend public events with others. I work with a national organization. I advocate alongside fellow warrior mothers and fathers. But that doesn’t mean that I put myself all the way out there. If it was just me, sure, then you’d better watch out. But I’m mindful for my family’s sake. (We’ve had some situations that have led me to be this way, as I can only imagine countless others have been through.) 

What I don’t do... is put my family at risk or on blast. At least, if I were to do so, it should be by my own conscious choice, and certainly not by deceit. 

Choice is, after all, what this movement is about. 

From the beginning as I started to become entrenched in this movement, I quickly learned this is a heated debate. I have never seen such bold hatred before or since from people behind their keyboards. I’ve been blatantly rejected from real people in my life. Don’t feel bad for me. C’est la vie. I’ve made my peace with it and am stronger for it. 

This isn’t about me and my choices though, whatever you may think of them. 

Shame on them. 

Shame on CBC News: Marketplace for using unethical methods to obtain information for their story from private citizens at a private function. 

Shame on them for deceitfully using innocent people to fit the pieces into a narrative that was created well before you examined the larger picture of what you were hearing. 

Long gone are the days of Walter Cronkite, Dan Rather and Peter Jennings. When journalism meant something that was good and honorable; where the truth mattered. 

When did we go from finding a news tip, looking into it, and reporting our findings unbiased to wanting to create a scenario and then filling in the pieces? Rhetorical question. We all know why! Insert the $$$ signs and that’s why. 

Integrity used to mean something.

CBC News: Marketplace, and any others organizations that try the same, we are sharing your deceitful ways so this does not happen again. 

I have since learned that I’m not the only one who was recorded that evening. I’m aware of several others that were also violated. Del Bigtree did a great piece in his response. Check it out here: 


And so now you know, that if this can happen to me, it can happen to you too. 

Things that have been underscored for me from this experience, that I hope can help others:

Some things you can control. What you share, and how you share it, is up to you. Do you have a clear picture of yourself or your family in your Facebook profile that is public? Instagram? When you email others does your full name populate? Is your location shared? Take the time to look at your settings and adjust accordingly. If someone asks you questions about this topic, dig deep. Deeper than you’ve dug before. 

Nothing, and I mean nothing, will stop me from fighting for my children and their best interest. Not this, or anything else. 

I am grateful for this experience. Like others I’ve had before that I’ve learned from, this has only made me a smarter and stronger fighter. Thank you CBC News: Marketplace. 


(After Khalil Gibran)

"Pity the nation whose people are sheep

And whose shepherds mislead them

Pity the nation whose leaders are liars

Whose sages are silenced

And whose bigots haunt the airwaves

Pity the nation that raises not its voice

Except to praise conquerers

And acclaim the bully as hero

And aims to rule the world

By force and by torture

Pity the nation that knows

No other language but its own

And no other culture but its own

Pity the nation whose breath is money

And sleeps the sleep of the too well fed

Pity the nation oh pity the people

who allow their rights to erode

and their freedoms to be washed away

My country, tears of thee

Sweet land of liberty!'

  — Lawrence Ferlinghetti San Francisco, January, 2006

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