Legislative agreement will require removal of coal ash at Virginia sites

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Said, "I'm proud to report that Potomac Riverkeeper Network just won a major victory after its four-year fist fight with Dominion Power. Virginia Gov. Ralph Notham ann...ounced today that the state will order Dominion to clean up 28 million tons of toxic coal ash! The order makes Virginia the only state to require full clean up of every Dominion site Holy cow! Potomac Riverkeeper won this victory after years of hand to hand combat with the powerful utility during which they threw up every road block to stop the company using its famed political clout and financial power to avoid cleaning up its poison. Potomac Riverkeeper fought the company to a standstill on its waste water permit which the state wanted to issue in December 2015 and then derailed its solid waste permit in March 2016. Finally, Potomac Riverkeeper crushed Dominions preferred cap-in-place solution! They knew that other ponds in the country would have followed. Along the way, Riverkeeper investigators discovered that Dominion was operating an illegal toe drain and performed well tests that proved contamination of the county’s drinking water. Congratulations to all the investigators, activists, attorneys and warriors at Potomac Riverkeeper. As oilmen and billionaire polluters who run the White House clear the road to Armageddon, Waterkeepers are still winning momentous victories in our local communities."

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