Plastic in Salt

If I told you that you were probably sprinkling bits of plastic in your food, and that you and your family are more than likely consuming plastics daily -- would you believe me?

If you use salt chances are you are ingesting plastic on a daily basis.

National Geographic recently published an article on "microplastics in salt".

They tested 39 big brand salts from 16 different countries…

36 out of 39 had "microplastics" in them.

What's more --

They tested sea, lake and rock salt. It didn't matter. They were all tainted with "microplastics".

Now you may be wondering if ingesting "microplastic" is bad for you. Well, in a separate study by the University of York in Britain that sought to assess the risks of microplastics to the environment, published Wednesday, concluded not enough is known to determine if microplastics cause harm. However, we know that as humans we were not meant to consume plastic and can imagine that any effects on our bodies will not be a positive one.

To read the full article CLICK HERE

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